With the Changers Climate-Lottery against climate change.

Win a Hercules bicycle worth 599 Euro.

Use your own CO2 savings to win a bicycle or purchase valuable vouchers. We have significantly expanded the CO2 fit app and are launching a Climate-Lottery in version 3.0.

The highlight: You can increase your profitability through sustainable behavior. Because the lots cost neither euro nor dollars, but bonus points, which you can earn for healthy and CO2-economical behavior in the app.

For every kilometer you can walk or cycle, you will receive a bonus point, the so-called ReCoins, as our currency is called. But you can also earn ReCoins for the use of bus and train or other health-promoting and environmentally friendly behavior.

With the Changers Climate-Lottery, we are now making a playful challenge for everyone from the somewhat brittle topic of CO2 savings.

The participants benefit from the lottery — the users who want to be healthier and fitter, the companies sponsoring prizes and, of course, the environment as well.

Be your lucky blacksmith!

The first prize is a bicycle from Hercules worth 599 euros. Only 50 ReCoins are enough to take part. The more ReCoins you earn the more lots you can earn, the higher your chances of winning.

We want to motivate you to participate and to do more for your own health and the environment.

The Changers Climate-Lottery for companies.

For the participants of our CO2 fit corporate challenges, the Climate-Lottery offers further advantages. In this way, the company’s own raffles within the company, with individually determinable prices, ensure the necessary motivation while at the same time keeping budgets safe.

We are looking forward to many winners in the coming months. For one thing is certain. Sustainable action is the currency through which we can return something.

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