Body Positive

Starving for weightloss? No, thanks!

9 Tips to easily achieve your fell-good weight Many people struggle with their weight and want to loose some. It is important, though, to really


Food Additives

Harmless addition or potentially dangerous? Neon yellow jelly sweets, sky blue ice cream, whole cakes in all colors of the rainbow — that is only possible with


On the move all day?

3 Tipps for better eating You intend to eat more healthy but when things get hectic you still grab a bite of pizza? No problem,

My CO2 fitness tip for today

Please read the article below and have in mind that this will become the reality of your children and grand children. Consider what they will

Climate Change

And the winner is…

Dear Changers, at last, our favorite time has arrived, we can announce the winners of the Changers Climate Lottery for December to January 2017. Tobias,