How Changers digitizes corporate health management — BGM
Published February 26, 2016

How Changers digitizes corporate health management — BGM


Changers CO2 fit App is inspiring more and more companies for the digital corporate health management. Only fit and healthy employees can achieve 100% at their workplace. Companies realize, that they can take an aktive part by achieving the 100% and make the health promotion to their management task.

Right there, Changers sets in. The CO2 fit App focus the corporate health management, as well as the corporate social responsibility. Well, a reduction of co2 and the development from climate awareness of the users, with a current increase of their own fitness. So the CO2 fit App offers the company and employees different options for checking their health.

In the app there are no longer only the Icons, where users can see how much co2 saved kilometres they were walking or cycling, but also categories of a corporate health management like sport, good nutrition and prevention.
Changers strive to replace the bonus booklets of health insurances into the digital CO2 fit App. Insured person can easily profit via their smartphones of the premiums and get rid of the annoying step booklets.

With the CO2 fit App, we offer the employers a further step to a digital, smartphone based health management.

Text: Lisa Mehrling. Grafik: Sofia Saxlund.

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