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Motivation is everything

Employee motivation poster

Get startet with the Changers Fit App now

Motivation is everything. Because of that we don’t just let the Changers Fit app speak for itself. Indoor posters, roll-ups and floor stickers invite employees to use the Changers Fit app.

Any company that uses the Changers Fit app to enhance its occupational health management and make it more efficient can now obtain free templates for marketing materials from us. Accordingly 18 motivational motifs are available in the app’s download center. This means that every company can put together an individual motivational campaign to get as many employees as possible to launch the Changers Fit app or take part in the next challenge. The templates are available as Word files in A3 and A4. Simply add the selected indoor posters with the individual start date independently and print them out. The motivational motifs focus on different aspects of the Changers Fit app. Whether taking the stairs, cycling, counting steps or climate protection – there is a suitable motivational boost for every challenge.

Employee motivation poster

Other motivational marketing materials for which we offer templates in the download center include roll-ups and floor stickers. For companies that do not have a graphics department, we can take care of customizing with the start date and sending to the print shop on request. Feel free to contact us.

The Berlin train station campaign #treppegehtimmer shows how successful an eye-catcher on the floor motivates people to take the stairs. Since the funny step stickers motivated people to take the stairs, measurably more people have used the stairs. As shown above, with a matching indoor floor sticker in A0 or A1, you can achieve the same for your employees.

Motivation Floor Sticker
Motivation with floor stickers

Motivation to participate through many app features

Of course, the app itself also offers features to ensure a high level of participation. Email invitations to the next challenge are easily possible with the app’s administration tool. Simply compose an e-mail and upload the addresses. Afterwards, the current status is always visible in the overview, showing how many invitation acceptances are still pending. With the “Invite colleagues” function, every invitation is rewarded twice over. There are coins for the inviter and the invited. With this feature, the Changers Fit community in your company is growing faster and faster.

Your own successes are also an important motivating factor. With the iFrame Dashboard, you have the option of automatically publishing the accumulated data, such as cycling or step kilometers traveled, on your Internet or intranet site.

If you want to promote the Changers Fit app or the next challenge with an extra motivational boost in your company, you can now get templates for posters, roll-ups and floor stickers in the download center. Feel free to contact us!

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