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Corporate health promotion also means taking responsibility.

For us, workplace health promotion also means making employees aware of the effects of their own behaviour on the environment. To make you aware that everything we do affects either your own health or the surrounding environment. Anyone who still believes that his plastic bag, his bit of rubbish makes no difference, should imagine multiplying this rubbish with the population of his country, quite apart from worldwide figures. This quickly makes it clear that every single one is in demand here. It depends on each of us, and no one will be able to escape this responsibility. In the case of plastic waste, it means that an incredible amount of 1,440 rubbish trucks land in the sea every day. This corresponds strung together a length of 15 kilometres! So what do you think about doing without a plastic wrap, a plastic bag or a plastic cup today, and maybe tomorrow to convince a friend to do the same and then perhaps give up two pieces? If we do not do it, nobody does it.

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