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Online or offline? — No question of the future.

Who still wonders if “always on” will simplify or complicate our daily life, will be overtaken by the next generation:

The results of ‚Shell-Jugendstudie 2015‘ show important facts for motivating employees, that teenagers can hardly distinguish between on- and offline activities. Ninety-nine percent of the 12–25-year-olds have access to the internet, and the majority counts their smartphones to necessities.


The internet becomes a social living space. What’s not up in there, will not be perceived of the majority in the future.

Employee motivation and employer branding with smart apps and gamification

The Internet has become a social living space. Anything that doesn’t take place here will not be noticed by the majority of the population in the future. For employers, this means that if you want to reach the next generation, you need the right tools to communicate just as well online as offline. Yesterday, the question was: What opportunities does the Internet offer for employee development, employee motivation, recruiting or employer branding? Now it’s a question of who is best able to integrate the entire social environment of their employees, for example with smart apps.

HERE you can find the Shell Youth Study 2015.

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