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UN Climate Change Conference — Two-degree target still achievable


The 21st UN-climate change conference is imminent. Beginning at the 30th of November till the 11th of December, there will be discussed a new international climate protection agreement in Paris. The agreement shall replace the Kyoto-protocol of 1997. All countries were required to submit their climate goals till the end of March. 146 countries complied the requested action till the 1st of October.

Cycling to work – achieving climate goals together

This climate change commitments were now be evaluated by the UN climate secretariat. At first glance the results looks positive. Compared to the goals of Kyoto-protocol in 1997, there will be more Co2 saved. But even this wouldn’t be enough to reach the aspiration.
That means that the climate goals need to be more ambitious. This is the only way how we can prevent, that global warming will rise not over 2 degrees at the end of century.

But anyway, the defined goals need to be followed up by concrete action. And this will only happen, if we going to change our way of life.

When every employee in Germany would leave their cars at home for once a week and come to work by cycling, we could avoid 317,512,000 kg CO2 in a year.

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