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Vegetarian is healthy and protects the climate.
Published September 1, 2016

Vegetarian is healthy and protects the climate.


Awesome, that you are interested in a vegetarian diet! With this you are fully in line with the current trend.

Vegetarian respectively mainly plant-based diets offer a whole variety of healthy benefits: This kind of diet can help you to reduce and normalize your body weight and loose some over-weight. Civilisation diseases as a consequence of incorrect nutrition or mobility habits are rarer with vegetarians. These include for example high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases. Through the reduced intake of fats and cholesterol, elevated cholesterol levels can be brought back into balance. Obstipations and the herewith connected risks of related illnesses, such as colon cancer, can be diminished by fiber-rich food.


And a big plus — vegetarian nutrition saves the climate:

The CO2 calculator of the Bavarian environmental ministry show a significantly lower carbon dioxide emission than for typical meat eaters. The steak lover comes down to 1.82 tons of CO2 per year, vegetarians however on less than a ton of CO2. That’s why you also receive 5 climate thalers for every day without fish and meat that you set as a goal in your activities with the Changers CO2 fit app.

We say thank you and bon appétit!

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