Frequently asked Questions

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General information about Changers CO2 fit

The Changers CO2 fit app combines corporate wellness promotion and employee motivation with active environmental protection. Thus we motivate your employees in a playful manner to cycle or walk more and to participate in healthy and environmentally friendly activities. The activities are automatically measured by the Changers CO2 fit app and rewarded with bonus points, which can be redeemed for company benefits such as a fitness lunch in the company cafeteria, a back training or a bicycle accessory.

In addition, the participation of employees can be link to donating to a charity project or to planting tree. The app is delivered with an extensive list of sports, nutrition, medical care and sustainability activities, and can be customized with your company logo, your own corporate wellness and CSR activities, and you can add individual rewards. Changers CO2 fit is available in 10 European languages.

Changers CO2 fit is a state-of-the-art tool that helps you to instantly introduce a digital corporate wellness promotion in your organization. With a minimal amount of time and without the need of any software development capacities. We offer you a wide range of existing content and the possibility to customize the software to your needs and easily integrating your existing corporate wellness and CSR activities. As the Changers CO2 fit app is available in 10 languages you can now offer with very little effort the same services to your branch offices abroad.

Use the Changers CO2 fit app to strengthen the team cohesion in your company, increase commitment and refine your employer image in the war of talent. Make the values ​​of your company, such as health and sustainability, tangible for every single employee. Achieve sustainability goals together with your employees, plant trees or finance social projects.

Since 2018, we offer Changers CO2 Fit to municipalities and cities and help them to playfully reduce individual traffic from inner cities. In doing so, we involve administrations, citizens, resident companies and local trade in the joint achievement of savings targets via our green loyalty system. If you are interested, please use our contact form, and we will get back to you promptly.

Changers CO2 fit for your company

The Changers CO2 fit app is available to your employees free of charge in the respective app stores for Apple iOS and Android. Changers CO2 fit does not require any kind of connection to your IT system. If you use secured company phones that limit the usage of apps, it might be that your IT has to approve the Changers CO2 fit app in the respective app stores for download to your company’s smartphones.

All registered organizations receive their own Changers CO2 fit challenge microsite, where participants can participate without a smartphone and can simply enter manually their activities. All information on activities provided in the app in the categories of nutrition, sport, medical prevention and sustainability are available as well on the challenge page. Additionally, users can get information about the ongoing challenges, their company’s CO2 balance, donation projects or tree plantings. Employees can redeem their bonus points as well on the challenge page in exchange for lottery lots or voucher codes.  

We offer Changers CO2 fit as “Software as a Service” platform. This means, that you get an admin account and can set up your own corporate wellness / CSR app according to your wishes. We have prepared a variety of CSR and corporate wellness activities in 10 languages for you to choose from. You don’t need the support of your IT department or any kind of technical skills neither for the set up nor for running operations of the app. You just focus on what you like best and leave the technical stuff to us.

If you would like to the customize the app with your own health-promoting and sustainable activities, you can add content like texts, texts or even with a video within a matter of seconds. The new content becomes available to your employees the next time they open the app on their smartphone.

We also offer a wide array of selected charity projects and work together with a  tree planting partner. We offer this project in the app with all the required information. With just a few clicks, for example, you can set up your own charity run or your tree planting challenge.

You don’t need any kind of IT implementation for setting up the system. Almost all features in the app work without your intervention. In other words, competitions can start and end fully automated. The winners will be notified in the app and via our microsite, which we automatically generate for you with the registration. You can follow the participation rates in your challenges and in the activities in real time. Our estimation for setting up the system is  0.5 to 3 days. Please count about 1-2 days per month for maintenance. This time should be used for communicating competitions, activities and prizes.

The app is currently available in 10 languages. These are German, English, Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovak and Spanish. Depending on the language setting of your employee’s smartphone, the language is automatically delivered. If the operating system of your smartphone is in a language that is not supported, the English version will be shown. On request we also offer further languages.

Playful team competitions

The challenges are based on the kilometers walked and cycled. The journeys are measured and validated by the app in several ways. As an administrator you define the teams in advance. During the onboarding process, they are presented to the employees and they can select their right teams. There are up to four team categories, such as “Locations,” “Departments,” “Plants,” and “Cities.” You can define and set up the categories and teams however it suits best to your purposes. Ideally, the categories and teams are an organizational unit known to your employees. Any number of teams can be created in each category. In the category “Cities”, these could be something like Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg, etc. In the category “Departments”, you could add teams like Marketing, HR, Production and so on.

Participants are free to choose their teams. If an employee hasn’t joined any team, she is nevertheless represented in the overall ranking of your company. Employees can change their teams at any time, however, the activities already provided at the time of the team change remain in the old team. The team results can all be followed in real time in the app and on the challenge page.

Employees have five different options to measure their journeys.

Manual tracking using the app

The users select the corresponding mobility icon on the home screen of the app. We track your journey via Start and Stop using the phones GPS and locations. Your results show the kilometers travelled, your average speed, your CO2 balance and the bonus points earned.

Track steps and distances using Apple Health and Google fit.

The most convenient way to capture all steps and tracks is to join the Changers CO2 fit app with Apple Health or Google Fit. On the one hand, this automatically records all steps and transfers the distances traveled on foot and on the other hand users can simply connect their previously used favorite app like Strava or Endomondo with Apple Health and Google Fit, from where the Changers app can pull the data. This means that users only need to measure the distances with a single app. Android users are even ahead of the curve, because Google Fit automatically measures the distances covered by the bike and transfers them to the Changers account. Unfortunately, Apple Health is not here yet. All other types of mobility must still be entered manually or recorded via GPS.

Integration of fitness trackers

Fitness trackers like those from Garmin, Fitbit, Misfit or the Apple Watch can be connected to the Changers CO2 fit app. The employees can connect a device by going to the menu item More > Tracking settings on selecting the desired device. The prerequisite for this is, that the smartphone app of the fitness tracker provider has already been downloaded and works on the same smartphone. In a next step, the user only has to grant  access to the Changers app.

The Changers CO2 fit app receives the pedometer values and kilometers traveled. All other types of mobility will still be recorded manually via GPS.

Automatic tracking with the Moves app

With the help of the additionally installed app Moves, we can automatically recognized, with which means of transport you are travelling. Your journeys are automatically measured in the background and synchronized with the Changers app.

In order to work with this third-party app, activate the option Automatic tracking by clicking on More > Tracking settings >> Apps. You will will be asked to switch your tracking mode and then be redirected to the App Store to download Moves.

Manual entry on your challenge page

All registered companies have a Changers CO2 fit Challenge page, where all participants – even if they don’t use a smartphone – can log in and enter their activities manually. Participants can also selected all activities in the following 4 categories: nutrition, sport, medical prevention and sustainability. Additionally, users can get information about the ongoing challenges, their company’s CO2 balance, donation projects or tree plantings. Employees can redeem their bonus points as well on the challenge page in exchange for lottery lots or voucher codes

In the challenges we only take walking and cycling into account. It doesn’t matter whether the bike was used on the way to work or on the weekend for a trip. Every journey is good for you and counts. Employees can also record their journeys by bus, train, car or plane in the app and on the Challenge page. Of course, these rides are not counted in the competitions, but we calculate the employees’ individual carbon footprint and show you their modal split, means – the distribution of all distances by mobility type in percentages. And last not least, we show the cumulative values ​​for the entire company.

No, the challenges only include the kilometers traveled on foot and by bicycle. The activities would be difficult to compare. But you can motivate participation in your activities with bonus points.

This depends entirely on you. You can link the participation with tree plantings or individual donation projects. You can give away coupons for a fitness lunch in the company cafeteria, a cinema visit, a cycling accessory, a team event or something similar. You can offer your rewards for a certain number of bonus points, or you can set up a raffle in the app in which the participants use their bonus points to buy lots. The more active your participants are, the more lots they can by and therefore increase their chance of winning one of the prizes. This way you don’t only reward the best, but motivates all participants and that’s what it’s all about.

After you have received the access data for the platform from us, you can set up your own CO2 fit Challenge. Go to and log into your account.

First, you will be asked to define the basic settings for the CO2 fit app. This includes setting the start date for the first challenge, challenge name and a url for your challenge page. Once you have set it up, our system creates the challenge from your chosen start date to the end of the month and prepares two more monthly challenges from the beginning of each month until the end of the month. Of course, you can edit your challenges at any time, for example, if you want a two-month challenge, just set the end date to your desired date. The start of the following challenge is automatically set to the day after the end of the previous challenge. Once a challenge has ended, the results are communicated via email and in the app. In addition, the new challenge will start automatically the next day.

In the time between your registration and the start of the first challenge, no participants can sign up for your challenge. So you have enough time to set up your challenge and to inform the employees about the introduction of the CO2 fit app at the start date of your choice. As an administrator, you can also log into the app using your email address and the password you used to register on the platform. You’ll see all the settings you’ve made, the activities, and rewards. But you can not track journeys or activities or connect to a fitness tracker. This is only possible after the start date of your first challenge you have chosen.

Your employees can download the Changers CO2 fit app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store free of charge. After opening the app, they are asked if they have been invited to a challenge. If this question is answered with “Yes”, your employees will be asked on the following screen to authenticate themselves with either their corporate email address or a passphrase. In both cases the participants register with a business or private email address after providing the correct credentials.

For the system to be able to recognize your employees, you have to provide the email extensions used in your company, such as / / etc. You can add up to 50 email extensions to your account. If you would like to give employees the opportunity to participate in your challenges without a company email address, you need to choose a passphrase. This can be for example “company name_Challenge_2018” or just “FitandHealthy”. You have a maximum of 48 characters and the password has to be unique.

If your employees are already using the app, they can easily register via the Challenge settings and join your challenge as soon as it has started.

Joining a team is completely voluntary for the participants. If an employee chooses not to join any team, she is nevertheless represented in the overall ranking of your company. Employees can also change teams at any time, however, the results already provided at the time of the team change remain in the old team. The team results can all be followed in real time in the app and on the microsite.

Motivate healthy and sustainable activities

For sustainably healthy and satisfied employees in your company, a creative selection of relevant WHM measures is indispensable. In the following activity areas, you will find important content that has been developed in the past years in close cooperation with our existing customers as well as experts from the respective areas.

All activities presented in the app are optional. This means that you can decide with one click whether you want to display it to your employees or not. You can edit all activities or add your own with just a few clicks. The content provided by us is translated into 10 languages.

Category: Healthy Nutrition

When it comes to health and well-being, a healthy and balanced diet has about the same importance as regular exercise. Motivate your employees to drink enough water every day or to give up sweets for a day. Incentivize paying attention to your own well-being, the risks of diabetes or the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The activities are provided with easy to understand information, tips and examples and illustrated with pictures or videos.

In addition, changing recipe ideas might inspire you to become a chef yourself. Together with our partner HelloFresh we offer companies to provide ready to cook portioned ingredients for meals subsidized by your company. For example, if there is a cookbox voucher for 500 bonus points, cycling is even more fun. Conditions on request please contact support (at)

Of course, you can easily enter your own activities or promotions into your WHM app with just a few clicks and incentivize participation with bonus points.

Category: Sports and exercise

In this category, among other things, your employees will find workout videos that have been developed in collaboration with certified Pilates and yoga teachers and are specially designed to meet the needs of working people with little time.

Add your corporate sports programme in this category. State when and where they meet and who the contact person is. You can enter email addresses, phone numbers or just tips on how to participate.

Do you have your own gym or a cooperation with a provider? No problem, just add the information in the app. Maybe your trainer wants to set up a training plan and provide further instructions, pictures or a video in the app. Regardless of whether it is company-sponsored or privately motivated, the sport activities of your employees can, of course, be individually rewarded with bonus points.

Category: ​​Conscious Living

Sensitize your employees for an environmentally conscious and sustainable way of life. Motivate the participation in a guided meditation in the app or give bonus points to avoid buying plastic bags while shopping or saving energy. The default activities provide helpful information in 10 languages ​​and can be adapted to your company-specific needs. As always, you can provide your own content and activities.

Category: Medical prevention & seminars

Nobody likes to go to the doctor, but nevertheless, checkups are of the utmost importance. Reward your employees for getting involved with health aspects or taking part in seminars and preventative measures.Do you offer a smoking cessation campaign? The issue of keeping mobile at your workplace has a high priority for you? No problem! This category is just waiting to be complemented by your company specific actions.

We can’t and we don’t want to control, whether your employees have actually done the activity they just manually added to their account. We regard our four categories in the app also as a source of information regarding health and sustainability. You define the amount of bonus points that a user earn for the activity and you define how often as user can add this activity. This means: Although I can receive my 3 ReCoins by adding “I drank enough water”, we limit adding this activity to once per day. Same with a check-up or, for example, of an online first aid course. I can watch this several times a day, but I will only be able to add this activity and get bonus points (as defined by you) once or twice a year.

That’s the idea of the ​​Changers CO2 fit app. We provide you the technology and you can customize it to your requirements and add your own activities. Include your local service providers in your digital wellness program. Add the circuit training in your own gym with a description, pictures and maybe even a video. Or you want to push the topic of work safety? Then offer your activities in the app with clearly defined instructions and motivate the attention and participation in these topics with valuable bonus points.

No, the challenges only include the kilometers traveled on foot and by bike. Activities can be very different and are therefore only partially comparable. However, you can motivate participation in the activities with bonus points, tree plantings and donation projects and compare the effort of participation with the effort for cycling and running. Thus, you have a measure of the amount of bonus points you give to your participants.

Your own challenge page in the browser

All companies receive a microsite, our Changers Challenge page, where participants can log in – even without a smartphone – and enter their activities manually. Participants can also selected all activities in the following 4 categories: nutrition, sport, medical prevention and sustainability. Additionally, users can get information about the ongoing challenges, their company’s CO2 balance, donation projects or tree plantings. Employees can redeem their bonus points as well on the challenge page in exchange for lottery lots or voucher codes.

Planting trees together

The idea of ​​Changers is the combination of wellness promotion and employee motivation with environmental protection and social issues. In this way we want to playfully motivate the participants to sensitize themselves to social issues beyond their own well-being and health.

Trees release oxygen into the air, provide shade and are important for our climate, as they help to preserve our environment in the long term. They have many positive effects on wind speed, humidity, dust pollution and the local wildlife. Planting trees with Changers also helps to see the reduction of the consequences of global climate change as our common work. A work in which we are all involved, and whose achievement we can experience as a positive experience of community.

As a company, you define a maximum number of trees that can be planted by your employees over the course of a year by participating in activities. Thus keeping full cost control at all times.

The invoice includes the respective VAT of your country. If you provide your VAT ID in your billing details, we can invoice you without VAT, if your company is located  outside of Germany.  We are sorry, we cannot issue a donation receipt.

Of course, you can also work with your own tree planter. In this case, you use our tree planting counter, define the maximum number of trees that can be planted in one year, and provide more information for your employees, such as whom and where you would like to plant the trees. Of course, we will not invoice you.

Changers works together with the non-profit IPlantAtree plants trees according to ecological criterias in various reforestation projects in Germany and documents them on their website on In your account you can choose between different tree species. An automated billing process invoices you on a  monthly according to the number of trees planted.

Of course, you can also work with a tree planter of your choice. Maybe your local forestry office will take care of the plantings? In this case, you also use the tree planting counter, define the maximum number of trees you would like to plant this year, and provide information about where and who will plant the trees.

No, for the donation projects  as well as for planting trees, ReCoins are just a counting tool to trigger a planting or donation. The ReCoins remain in the employee’s account. Employees can spend their ReCoins only in our rewards marketplace.

No Changers can not issue you a donation receipt. If you need a donation receipt, we would kindly ask you to process the plantations directly with IPlantATree or another planting partner. In this case, you also use the tree planting counter, define the maximum number of trees you would like to plant this year, and provide information about where and who will plant the trees. Of course, Changers will not invoice you for planting trees.

Of course, you can also work with another tree planter of your choice. Maybe your local forestry office will take care of the plantings? In this case, you also use the tree planting counter, define the maximum number of trees you would like to plant this year, and provide information about where and who will plant the trees.

The CO2 calculation is based on the average bound carbon dioxide of a tree in its life cycle. Domestic trees are expected to absorb about 10 kg of CO2 per tree per year. By natural selection, however, not all trees survive in a reforestation, so that the value can not be transferred to the entire stock. Therefore, we expect an average of 300 kg of CO2, which a tree binds in the course of its life from the atmosphere. Further information can be found on

If you plant with Changers and, the trees belong to the non-profit organization “Wald 1.1 gemeinnützige GmbH”, which is represented by CEO Michael Bahr and has its headquarters in Leipzig. Their goal is not to maximize profits, but the long-term commitment of CO2 reduction to mitigate the consequences of climate change. For more information about, please visit their website.

Doing good together

The idea of ​​Changers is the combination of health promotion and employee motivation with environmental protection and social issues. In this way, we want to playfully sensitize the participants to social issues beyond their own well-being and health.

As a company you choose an individual donation project. For this purpose, you can use the donation partners, such as WWF, Doctors Without Borders, Unicef ​​or many others already provided buy us in our administration interface. Of course you can also define your own social project, for example the renovation of the Kindergarden in your neighbourhood. For this the employees, who volunteered for this project, may need 2.000 Euro to buy paint, wallpaper and IKEA furniture. No matter which donation project you select, you always define a max. Amount and define the value of a bonus point or a kilometer traveled on foot and by bike. For example, 15 bonus points equal a 1 Euro donation.

Our donation counter shows your participants in the app and on the challenge page, how much they have already contributed themselves  and where the total donation amount is. When the maximum donation amount is reached, we stop the counter. Of course you have the possibility to raise the donation amount for the same social project or start a new donation project.

Changers will not issue an invoice or donation receipt. In both cases the donation must be made by your company directly to the respective project.

No, for the donation projects  as well as for planting trees, ReCoins are just a counting tool to trigger a planting or donation. The ReCoins remain in the employee’s account. Employees can spend their ReCoins only in our rewards marketplace.

The donation amount has to be transferred from your company to the chosen donation project.

The ReCoin bonus points

ReCoins are a sustainable currency in the Changers CO2 fit system. The currency is based on the effort you made walk or cycle one kilometer. This is the measure for one ReCoin. For example, if the employees uses public transit, we reward the avoidance of traffic jams, searching for parking spaces as well as air and noise pollution with 0.2 ReCoins per kilometer. Healthy activities are rewarded with ReCoins as well. Avoiding sugar and sweets or choosing a vegetarian meal in the canteen may be worth 3 or 5 ReCoins. For example, you could reward the circuit training in your own gym with 10-20 bonus points.

You determine the value of a ReCoins yourself according to your budget and your goals.

The rewards marketplace

The Rewards Marketplace is available in the app and on your Challenge page. Here, employees can exchange their bonus points for bonuses offered by your company. You can freely decide which rewards you would like to offer, the number of available vouchers, and how many points an employee must spend on them.

You can award fixes rewards such as:

  • A fitness plate in your companies cafeteria
  • A dinner at “Luigi” for two persons
  • A back training
  • A bicycle accessory
  • A cinema voucher
  • A sports article
  • A team event
  • An Amazon coupon
  • Or or or

In addition, you can specify how often an employee can exchange a voucher and the maximum number of available vouchers. If all vouchers have been bought, the offer is automatically set inactive. As a company you will always have budget and planning security.

We have the best experience regarding participation motivation and fun of employees with simultaneous budget security, by offering raffles in the app.

With raffles you define:

  • The frequency with which you want to place a raffle, for example, every month or every other month, or perhaps only once a year. That’s up to you.
  • The prizes that can be won can be e.g. 5 x 2 cinema vouchers or a bike. But maybe your company also produces something that your employees would like. Then simply add your own products and services into the lottery. You can give away as many first, second, third … prizes as you like. So maybe you can offer a fancy bike for the first prize and as 2.-10. prize cinema vouchers?
  • The cost of a lot in bonus points. We recommend 50 bonus points for one lot.

The rewards are provided by your company. Three are no limits to your imagination on what kind of the rewards you can offer. How about a fitness plate in the company cafeteria? Or a bicycle helmet? Or a trial week in the gym around the corner? Once again, as a company, you determine how many ReCoins the respective reward is worth. We are happy to assist you in the selection of reward packages.

You can choose the number of rewards you want to make available to your employees. Once all rewards have been redeemed, the “sale” of the vouchers stops automatically. You can also set restrictions on the allocation of coupons. These regulate the maximum number of vouchers that an employee can exchange for a defined period of time.

The bonus points ReCoins can be exchanged in the app’s own rewards marketplace either for vouchers or for lottery lots. If you connect donation projects or tree plantings to a certain number of ReCoins earned, the users are not deducted any ReCoins. The bonus points in this case are just a counting tool to trigger a planting or donation.

No, Changers is built like a modular system. You can make use of all available options, but you don’t need to. You can continuously monitor in your admin account, how the participation changes, if you connect vouchers, raffles, donations or tree plantings to the achievements of your employees. Find the best way for your company to sensitize your employees for health and environmental topics.

The raffle of rewards in the app

Yes, you can set up individual raffles for your business. Here you can specify the conditions of the raffle yourself. You choose the rewards for the participants and provide them yourself.

Companies have the opportunity to conduct their own raffles among their participants. You define one or more prices that you would like to give away and deine the price of a lot in bonus points – in example 50 ReCoins.

You can define the duration of a raffle and offer a raffle every month, every two months or maybe at the end of the year make a single raffle. This gives you the opportunity to motivate all participants and to adhere to a defined budget.

The more active your participants are, the more lottery lots they can buy, thus increasing their chance of winning one of offered rewards.

Once you have set it up, your raffle will be conducted fully automated by Changers. You determine the drawing date for each raffle. On that day, our system ends the sale of the lots and establishes the winners amongst all sold lots. Each participant can win only one prize per drawing, regardless of the number of lots purchased.

Changers will notify all participants with a prompt screen in the app and via email. The winners will also receive information on how to exchange their prizes. The remaining participants will receive a notification on who won. Only the first names are mentioned here.

The lottery prizes are provided by your company. We are happy to assist with finding the right rewards. Please get in touch at support (at)

Every two months, Changers raffles attractive prizes among all users of the app. The prizes are mostly directed to healthy nutrition, sports, the environment and CO2 savings. We have already raffled a sleek bicycle, a sustainable mattress or a valuable fitness tracker.

Companies are invited to offer the Climate Lottery to their employees. The Changers lottery can be added via the admin interface to your own rewards. If you don’t want to use the Changers Climate Lottery in your company you can deactivate it with one click.

CO2 calculation at Changers

We calculate the CO2 balance for every type of mobility and distance covered. For this we use the CO2 data from Ecoinvent and the Federal Environment Agency. Ecoinvent was founded over 20 years ago as a not-for-profit company from various research institutions at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and currently has the most extensive data collection for calculating CO2 balances. We also work together with ADAC for the individual vehicle settings that everyone can make themselves in the app. The emissions are determined based on the type of car and your individual consumption as follows.

The calculation of the CO2 values for the distances covered by the car is based on the well to wheel method (WTW). In the well-to-wheel approach, the sub-areas well-to-tank (energy supply) and tank-to-wheel (vehicle efficiency) are combined. However, Well-to-Wheel only records the actual operation of the motor vehicle, neither servicing and maintenance, nor the manufacturing and disposal costs. WTW is therefore not a life cycle assessment, but it is an essential part of it.

Tank-to-Wheel (TTW), pure consumption by the vehicle:
Burning one liter of petrol produces around 2,380 grams of CO2, and one liter of diesel fuel produces around 2,660 grams of CO2.

CO2 emissions of 120 g / km thus correspond to a consumption of five liters of petrol per 100 km or 4.5 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km.

In addition, the following CO2 values for well-to-tank (WTT), i.e. from the source to the tank, must be added for the various fuels:

FC = consumption in l / 100km or kg / 100km
Diesel: CO2 WTT = FC * 5.256
Gasoline: CO2 WTT = FC * 4.192

Total CO2 is calculated from:

A diesel with a consumption of 7 l / 100 km:
Total CO2 = 0.186 kg + 0.036 kg = 0.222 kg / km

A petrol engine with a consumption of 7.8 l / 100 km:
Total CO2 = 0.185 kg + 0.033 kg = 0.218 kg / km

The consumption of 7 or 7.8 l corresponds to the unfortunately increased again average consumption from 2018 taken from the following Statista statistics from 2007 – 2018

For electric vehicles, we use a CO2 value of 548 g / kWh. This is the value of the German electricity mix published in the last Federal Gazette (as of October 30, 2018).

In addition, participation in car pooling can be recorded and the personal CO2 balance can be further improved. These vehicle setting options can be found in the app under the menu item “MORE”.

Savings through sustainable driving and green mobility

CO2 savings occur when you are not using the car; instead, you run, ride your bike, or use public transport. The idea is that with every kilometer of running and cycling you save the CO2 emissions of a kilometer traveled by car. However, not all routes can replace car journeys. This includes the distances covered at home, in the office or during sports. Through data evaluations and surveys, we have found that this includes around 40% of the walking routes and 20% of the routes traveled by bike.

In order not to have to filter out these routes for every participant, we instead reduce the CO2 savings over all distances covered on foot by 40% and those of cycling by 20%. This means that we achieve the correct CO2 values overall again, even if it can vary slightly in individual cases. If the values we have assumed change, we will adapt them accordingly.

CO2 values per kilometer:

Walking 0.132 kg CO2 savings
Cycling 0.177 kg CO2 savings
Bus and train in town 0.065 kg CO2 savings
Long-distance trains 0.076 kg CO2 savings
Car 0.220 kg CO2 emissions. The values of your own car can be adjusted individually.
Airplane CO2 emissions of 0.302 kg

Employees can record their journeys by bus, train, car or plane in the app and via the Challenge page, in addition to their walking and cycling journeys. From these we calculate the individual CO2 footprint and show the distribution of all distances by mobility types in percentages. We also show the cumulative values for the company.

Privacy at Changers

We have developed Changers CO2 fit in close consultation with the data protection departments and personnel and works councils of large companies in Germany. Our business model is based on the licensing of the software to companies and not on the marketing of user data to third parties. Our foremost goal is therefore to protection of your employees data, because their trust and their participation forms the basis of our company. We are constantly working to make this service even more transparent and better for your employees. So, just to give you an example, your employees can log in to our system without a company email address using any private email address. You do not need a clear name and you do not have to upload a picture. Employees do not have to assign themselves to a team and can always delete their account irrevocably.

If, for example, your employees want to exchange 100 bonus points for a fitness plate in your cafeteria, you as a company do not see how these bonus points were earned. Maybe they were earned by cycling, or by drinking water during the day, or by reducing your sugar intake. Employees may also attend a First Aid seminar, do a yoga workout, or travel to work by train rather than by car, saving air and noise for all of us, and being less stressed out by congestion and parking. You as a company do not receive any personal data of the users but only cumulated values ​​for the evaluation of your projects. These cumulated values can be accessed by all your participants on your Challenge page and help to build further trust.

We host and process all data in Germany and all data transmissions are encrypted. Our goal is to build trust in a sustainable system with a community of businesses, cities and retails, where as many people as possible choose to do something for their own health and the health of our environment.

The Changers CO2 fit app can be installed on a company phone as well as on a private smartphone. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For registration the user has to provide an email address and a password. Here it is up to the employees whether they want to use their company address or a private email. There are no specific requirements, so you can register with an anonymous email address such as “”. We also need a First and Last name, which does not have to be the real name of the employee. Registration with the name “Kaktus”, “Donald” or a punctuation mark would also be possible. All other information such as the upload of a profile photo or joining a team are always voluntary and will not be validated by Changers. Of course, all information can be changed at any time.

All data are stored by the green cloud server provider Domain Factory based in Germany. The servers are located in a high-security and high-performance data center in Cologne and are therefore subject to German regulations on data security and data protection. Changers only collects, stores and processes the data that is actually needed to provide our services.

Each participant sees the same organization values, as  you see as as a challenge admin. By registering your organization on our platform we set up a challenge page, where all participants can register. On this Challenge page the Challenge Infos for your organization are provided. That is, you see the activities of the entire company and those of the teams, but not individual data of individuals. The data is displayed in a so-called “dashboard” for the periods of the current challenge, the previous challenge and the current year. In detail, these are:

  • Number of participants
  • Up to six leaderboards with the top seven participants: participants in the company, teams in the team categories 1 to 4 and the best at Changers registered companies
  • Kilometers per type of mobility and for all mobility types
  • Modal split and CO2 balance in kilograms. Personally for each participant in their account and cumulated for everyone in the company view
  • Already planted trees and the tree planting target
  • Achieved donations and the donation target
  • Activities entered in the 4 categories Sports & Exercise, Nutrition, Medical Prevention & Seminars, Sustainability
  • Number of bonus points earned
  • Number of bonus points spent
  • Number of vouchers purchased
  • Number of lots purchased

The Changers CO2 fit licensing system

We license Changers CO2 fit depending on the number of participating employees. In most companies, the costs are not more than a couple of cents per employee per month. Generally speaking, the more participants you have, the cheaper the monthly costs become per participant.

We accept credit card payment and SEPA direct debit in Germany. If you have questions about the payment options, please contact us at support (et)

You will receive monthly invoices, depending on the number of participants at the time of invoicing. If the number of participants has changed in the previous month, means in the previous billing period, in a way that your account was changed to a different price tier, we will charge you the credit or additional payment with the next invoice. We work with flexible billing periods. So, if you sign up on March 12th for example, we will invoice you the next time on April 12th.

We invoice the trees you have planted in a separate bill on a monthly basis.

Please note: Registration in our system is currently only possible via our contact form. If you have any questions about our billing or if you would like to arrange an annual billing, please contact us at support (et)

All prices given are net. We will charge you the applicable VAT according to your company’s registered office. If you provide your VAT ID in your billing details, we can invoice you without VAT, if your company is located  outside of Germany.

Yes, we support universities, cultural institutions, foundations and charities with special discounts. Please contact us at support (et)

This is quite different from company to company. Experience has shown that in smaller companies or units the participation rates are significantly higher than in corporations, as employees become aware much faster, that there is a new CSR / wellness app and the management can be directly involved as role models in the preparation and realisation.

Furthermore, if you add a common donation project or planting trees together, it has a great impact on participation rates and higher acceptance within your workforce.  Taking part together in activities, such as running, cycling or other healthy activities, and with this plant your own forest or donate to a charitable project is just fun, involves your employees and creates meaning beyond “just getting healthier”.

If, on top of that, you offer your employees a good mix of raffles (a bike, fitness trackers, team events etc.) and vouchers (ie. a fitness lunch, sport courses, cycling accessories), you create a program which has too many good reasons, not to be part of.

It will always pay out for you as a company, in form of a sustainable employer image, with healthier and more motivated employees. And who will also playfully become more digitally affine and environmentally aware and help you master the challenges of the digital transformation and climate change.

We have no contract periods. You can cancel at any time with a notice period of seven days to the end of your payment period. Please send your cancellation request via email to support (et) stating your desired end date.