A fair and transparent Pricing.

For as little as 69 Euros per month you are ready to go.

For the use of the app in municipalities and in customer loyalty, we have special packages. Please contact us at sales@changers.com.

Participants (HSE)Monthly license fee
1-25€ 69
26-50€ 119
51-100€ 199
101-150€ 279
151-250€ 349
251-500€ 599
751-1,000€ 879
1,001-1,500€ 1,099
1,501-2,000€ 1,379
2,001-2,500€ 1,749
2,501-3,000€ 2,099
3,001-3,500€ 2,449
3,501-4,000€ 2,799
4,001-4,500€ 3,149
4,501-5,000€ 3,559
5,001-5,500€ 3,889
5,501-6,000€ 4,149
6,001-6,500€ 4,499
6,501-7,000€ 4,829
7,001-7,500€ 5,149
7,501-8,000€ 5,449
8,001-8,500€ 5,789
All prices are without the value-added tax as valid on the date of invoicing

Fair and transparent

Monthly billings on the actual number of participants

No hidden cost

No setup fees if you register and pay via our website

No contract period

Your license can be canceled on a monthly basis

No IT implementation needed

Hosted in Germany under German data protection law

For as little as 69 Euros per month you are ready to go.

We license Changers CO2 Fit depending on the number of participating employees. You can see the corresponding price tiers in the table above. In most companies, the costs are not more than a couple of cents per employee per month. Generally speaking, the more participants you have, the cheaper the monthly costs become per participant.

We accept credit card payment and SEPA direct debit in Germany. If you have questions about the payment options, please contact us at support (at) changers.com

You will receive monthly invoices, depending on the number of participants at the time of invoicing. If the number of participants has changed in the previous month, means in the previous billing period, in a way that your account was changed to a different price tier, we will charge you the credit or additional payment with the next invoice. We work with flexible billing periods. So, if you sign up on March 12th for example, we will invoice you the next time on April 12th.

We invoice the trees you have planted in a separate bill on a monthly basis.

Please note: Registration in our system is currently only possible via our contact form. If you have any questions about our billing or if you would like to arrange an annual billing, please contact us at support (et) changers.com.

All prices given are net. We will charge you the applicable VAT according to your company’s registered office. If you provide your VAT ID in your billing details, we can invoice you without VAT, if your company is located outside of Germany.

Yes, we support universities, cultural institutions, foundations and charities with special discounts. Please contact us at support (et) changers.com.

This is quite different from company to company. Experience has shown that in smaller companies or units the participation rates are significantly higher than in corporations, as employees become aware much faster, that there is a new CSR / wellness app and the management can be directly involved as role models in the preparation and realisation.

Furthermore, if you add a common donation project or planting trees together, it has a great impact on participation rates and higher acceptance within your workforce. Taking part together in activities, such as running, cycling or other healthy activities, and with this plant your own forest or donate to a charitable project is just fun, involves your employees and creates meaning beyond “just getting healthier”.

If, on top of that, you offer your employees a good mix of raffles (a bike, fitness trackers, team events etc.) and vouchers (ie. a fitness lunch, sport courses, cycling accessories), you create a program which has too many good reasons, not to be part of.

It will always pay out for you as a company, in form of a sustainable employer image, with healthier and more motivated employees. And who will also playfully become more digitally affine and environmentally aware and help you master the challenges of the digital transformation and climate change.

Your planted trees are billed separately on a monthly basis. As a company, you define a maximum number of trees that can be planted by your employees over the course of a year by participating in activities. Thus keeping full cost control at all times.

The invoice includes the respective VAT of your country. If you provide your VAT ID in your billing details, we can invoice you without VAT, if your company is located outside of Germany. We are sorry, we cannot issue a donation receipt.

Of course, you can also work with your own tree planter. In this case, you use our tree planting counter, define the maximum number of trees that can be planted in one year, and provide more information for your employees, such as whom and where you would like to plant the trees. Of course, we will not invoice you.

As a company you choose an individual donation project. For this purpose, you can use the donation partners, such as WWF, Doctors Without Borders, Unicef ​​or many others already provided buy us in our administration interface. Of course you can also define your own social project, for example the renovation of the Kindergarden in your neighbourhood. For this the employees, who volunteered for this project, may need 2.000 Euro to buy paint, wallpaper and IKEA furniture. No matter which donation project you select, you always define a max. Amount and define the value of a bonus point or a kilometer traveled on foot and by bike. For example, 15 bonus points equal a 1 Euro donation.

Our donation counter shows your participants in the app and on the challenge page, how much they have already contributed themselves and where the total donation amount is. When the maximum donation amount is reached, we stop the counter. Of course you have the possibility to raise the donation amount for the same social project or start a new donation project.

Changers will not issue an invoice or donation receipt. In both cases the donation must be made by your company directly to the respective project.

We have no contract periods. You can cancel at any time with a notice period of seven days to the end of your payment period. Please send your cancellation request via email to support (et) changers.com stating your desired end date.