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Sustainability – trend topic or stategy for the future?

More and more companies are claiming to be sustainable. But customers and potential employees are increasingly well informed and very critical. They want to know who is just making the claim and who is really acting in a climate-friendly way. This is how you successfully communicate a genuine sustainability strategy

Team challenges health and climate protection

Take off with the new Team Challenges in 2023

Health promotion and climate protection are often close together. In the Changers Fit app, they are two sides of the same coin. If you do something for your own health, you are also doing something for climate protection. At Changers, we want to make this experience even easier and more

Mental Illness in focus of Corporate Health Promotion

Mental Illness in focus of Corporate Health Promotion

Mental illnesses are now the most common cause of early retirement, accounting for more than 40 percent. The DAK Health Report 2022 states that mental illnesses are the most common cause of sick leave directly after musculoskeletal disorders. According to the German Federal Ministry of Health, around 15 percent of

Health promotion while sleeping.

Tips for a good night’s sleep in harmony with the inner clock: “Sleep to get well” is a well-known advice. But does it really work? When the clocks are set one hour ahead to daylight saving time, we feel the negative effects of sleep deprivation particularly acutely. Many people then

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How does a successful climate protection app for cities and municipalities work.

Gamification for more livable cities. Changers is a specialist in digital gamification in the fields of health promotion and climate protection. With our Klima-Taler application for cities, we ensure greater citizen participation in municipal climate protection. 17 cities in Germany are active in the Klima-Taler network, as well as other

Gamification for employee health promotion

Gamification – The motivation makes the game!

Playing is just for kids? Not at all. In Germany, around 34.4 million people play video games. In this article, you can find out how you can use gamification mechanics to live healthier, protect the climate and do good. “First one to the playground wins!” or, “Don’t step on a

Successful implementation of workplace health promotion

Workplace health promotion has many advantages. This has not been a secret for a long time. As early as 2012, the evaluation of over 60 studies produced reliable figures: Absenteeism can be reduced by 25% with a occupational health management. And productivity also demonstrably increases. Healthier and more satisfied employees


Changers partner of the digital donation bike ride.

We at Changers are happy to be a partner of the PSD Herzfahrt. At the annual PSD Bank Berlin Brandenburg charity bike ride, young and old, sports and leisure cyclists pedal for a good cause. Due to Corona, the PSD HerzFahrt cannot take place on Tempelhofer Feld in 2021 as

How to avoid accidents by safely open the car door

Only one thing helps and the Dutch show us again – opening the driver’s door with the right hand. So the whole upper body has to turn around and you inevitably look through the window to the rear and can react to the bike traffic.

Pedometers, wearables and fitness apps.

How can I measure my tracks in the Changers CO2 fit challenges? What are the best pedometer, fitness trackers or apps? We get these questions more often and have therefore summarized the possibilities for you here. Manual tracking via GPS and START and STOP Changers offers in the app its

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