Tree planting in Malawi

Planting trees with Wells for Zoë

Since the start of our CO2 challenges in 2015, we have combined the participation of our customers with tree planting. Our goal was to combine

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Open the car door always with your right hand.

Only one thing helps and the Dutch show us again – opening the driver’s door with the right hand. So the whole upper body has to turn around and you inevitably look through the window to the rear and can react to the bike traffic.

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How it works!

Saving CO2, doing good for yourself, for others and for the environment. Have fun, be informed and motivated and also work measurably on common goals.

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Mission green – accomplished!

Sustainability pays off, and not just for future generations. Studies clearly show that companies which act sustainably are also more successful. They have competitive advantages

Bonus Points
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Walk the dog – CO2 free

Companies can exchange their employees’ bonus points in the app for business benefits. These can be meal vouchers, a cycling accessory, a team event or

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Merry Christmas dear Changers!

The very best wishes from the Changers team and myself. Spend a great time with your loved ones in the next days and a great