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How does a successful climate protection app for cities and municipalities work.

Gamification for more livable cities.

The Changers City App activates citizens for municipal climate protection. The Changers climate protection app helps cities become more sustainable through gamification. Climate Coins are collected for CO2 savings and can be exchanged for benefits in local stores and municipal businesses. In this way, you digitize municipal climate protection, promote the local economy and make your city even more livable – with less car traffic and more citizen participation.

We make climate protection simple and convenient.

Instead of developing an app from scratch for your city yourself, Changers offers you a white-label app that has been tried and tested for many years. It can be easily customized to your city, municipality or region. Your city app will then appear with its own name and app icon in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

If you already have an app for your city, the Changers City App can be easily integrated. And it can be piggybacked as a Software Development Kit, or SDK for short. Your advantage: You keep your already existing community, which can now grow further.  

But let’s start with the important things first – privacy.

In the Changers City app, you don’t need to create an account. We don’t need an email address or name. We don’t need a phone number or hardware ID. We host and process all data in a GDPR-compliant SSL+ -encrypted manner in Germany. 

What can the Changers City App do in your city?

The Changers City App activates citizens for municipal climate protection. Playfully, positively and with good humor, we ensure more movement and less climate gases. 

Our City App motivates people to walk and cycle more often or use the public transportation. 
The app measures journeys automatically, calculates your CO2 balance and rewards CO2 savings with Climate Coins. 
Climate Coins can be exchanged for vouchers, tree planting or for participation in lotteries on the app marketplace. This is a fun way to combine municipal climate protection and economic promotion.

The heart of our application are the Climate Coins.

The colorful heart of our software, the Climate Coins, are based on 5 kg of CO2 savings. The coins can be customized to the cities in shape, colors and concept. 

How citizens can create their own Climate Coins.

Based on GPS data and motion sensors, journeys and mobility types are automatically recognized and CO2 savings are calculated. Once 5 kilograms of CO2 have been saved, a Climate Coins is added to the user’s account. Participants have therefore an easy means to produce their own local climate currency. 

Another way to earn climate coins is to participate in a variety of climate protection activities.

With our “Save the planet” widget, you can set up an infinite number of measures and activities with which users can collect Climate Coins. Or you can choose from a variety of environmental and climate protection measures that Changers already offers as standard.  

Possible activities could be: Switch to a renewable electricity tariff, avoid packaging waste and consciously buy local and seasonal products from merchants in your city. But you may also want to additionally reward neighborhood help or volunteer work in your city with Climate Coins?

Gamification is the key to success in climate protection.

In the app, we motivate people via gamification elements for climate protection. Anyone who invites friends or achieves CO2 targets is rewarded with Climate Coins. Playful competitions are fun and motivating. It’s a good feeling when you see the forest you planted together growing. 

But the central motivating element is collecting and exchanging the Climate Coins. As a result, participants walk 4.5 times more, cycle twice as much and reduce car journeys by a good third.

More about gamification HERE.

Let’s start with the CO2 competitions.

City districts, city-regions, clubs, associations or companies can compete with each other. Who can save the most CO2? Push notifications provide all team members with motivating updates on what they have achieved. In addition, there is the “promotion” to a Country-wide ranking list of the greenest cities. 

The planted trees make the abstract goal of saving greenhouse gas tangible. Here’s how it works: You as the organizer set a target value for planting a tree, for example 100 km of cycling. If a participant reaches this goal, the first tree in the user account is unlocked, visible on an animation in the app.

The trees are planted virtually and in real life. The animations can also show landmarks of your city. This way, you connect participants even more strongly with your local climate protection project.

And who pays for and plants the trees? 

The trees must be financed by you as the client. You also decide who will plant the trees. You can use our planting partners or form partnerships yourself, for example with the forestry office in your city. 

Let’s get to the rewards, the exchange of Climate Coins.

The Climate Coins can be exchanged for rewards on the marketplace in the Changers city app. Participants can find vouchers for discounts, products and services from climate partners. 

These partners are, for example, local retailers, restaurants, cultural institutions, the public swimming pool or the regional transport company. And if the services and products are sustainable as well, all the better for climate protection. When the Climate Coins are exchanged in the app, the user receives a promo code that he or she provides in the respective store during the checkout process. 

But Climate Coins can also be exchanged directly in a local store.

This works simply by scanning a QR code with the City App. The user scans the retailer’s QR code. This is clearly visible on his climate partner poster. The Climate Coins are transferred and the user receives the discount for the retailer’s offer. This is visibly displayed on the cell phone screen. 

All climate partners are listed on a map. Citizens can be guided directly to participating stores, restaurants or museums via Maps. In this way, the City App helps to save CO2 and promote the local economy. 

How do we help you promote the Changers City app?

The success of your City App grows with the number of participants. We support you in your advertising campaign for your app with a complete marketing package. You will receive:

  • an iFrame banner for integration into partner websites. 
  • The app feature “Friends invite friends”. Because up to one third of users join because of a friends recommendation. 
  • Communication materials for contacting Climate Partners.
  • The first 50 nationwide Climate Partners.
  • Info poster templates for partner Point of Sale communication.

In addition, you can also book your own landing page for user and partner acquisition.

​​Thank you very much for your attention. 

Changers Gamification software for municipal climate protection.

We now look forward to hearing from you. To answer your questions and to make the Climate Coins the beating heart of an active climate protection campaign in your community as well. Please feel free to contact us at

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