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General information about Changers CO2 fit

With Changers CO2 fit you can start your own health platform for your company easily, quickly and cost-effectively. The modern software is maximally flexible and fits companies of all sizes. Our starter setup includes everything you need to make the decision to use Changers CO2 Fit in the morning and get started in the afternoon. 

Decide for yourself what you want to offer your employees with the Changers CO2 fit app: Within a clear structure, you switch content on and off – independently and at any time. We are not a competitor for existing offers, but a platform to involve everyone. By combining health promotion, gamification and climate protection, you can reach more employees with CO2 fit than with pure health offers. 

An excerpt from the Changers offer

  • Offer its own digital health platform for Apple and Android smartphones
  • Brand the platform and apps with the company logo
  • Exciting team competitions start around movement, mindfulness and environmental protection
  • Changing tasty recipes to try again
  • Yoga videos for professionals with little time 
  • Guided meditations  
  • Inform about own health and sustainability measures
  • Use gamification and nudging methods
  • Use fully automatic route detection in the movement competitions
  • Wearables like Garmin, Fitbit, Misfit connect
  • Connect Runtastic, Strava and many other apps
  • Build your own health community
  • Doing good together, planting trees or financing a social project
  • Exchange coins for existing and own rewards
  • Start exciting raffles (tickets are bought with coins, of course)  
  • Communicate with your own push notifications
  • Colleagues invite colleagues
  • Get cumulative evaluations
  • iFrame banner with all results for your website
  • Book temporary additional services from third-party providers such as the digital Health Score
  • Communicate in 12 languages

With Changers CO2 fit, you can enhance your employer image, reduce absenteeism, immediately save measurable CO2 emissions and increase your employees’ loyalty to your company.

They use a mature and multiple award-winning system that is used by well-known companies such as Allianz, IKK classic, H&M, Lidl and many others. With Changers, you offer your own digital health platform for Apple and Android smartphones. You have access to all Changers CO2 fit offers to provide many attractive measures for health promotion and climate protection in your company in the shortest possible time. You have the greatest possible flexibility, as you can switch all measures on or off yourself and add your own measures with just a few clicks. At a low price, without contract periods and hidden costs, Changers CO2 fit is worthwhile for every company.

Offer unlimited own measures:

  • Sports and exercise,
  • Mindfulness,
  • healthy diet,
  • medical screening,
  • Sustainability
  • and occupational safety

These are your biggest advantages:

  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Increase employer image
  • Simplify recruitment
  • Reach and inspire younger target groups
  • Preventing a shortage of skilled workers
  • Achieve climate protection targets
  • Have fun together

Changers CO2 fit is an app. The app is available free of charge in the respective app stores for Apple iOS and Android for downloading to the smartphone. Changers can also be used without a smartphone via the automatically set up microsite. 

App Tutorial: Login and Onboarding 

App Tutorial: Capture routes

All data is located at the cloud server provider ASW Frankfurt. The servers are located in a high-security, high-performance data center in Frankfurt a.M. and are therefore subject to German data security and protection regulations. In doing so, we only collect, store and process the data that we actually need to provide our services.

Changers CO2 fit for your business

Yes, participants can also register without a smartphone and manually enter the distances traveled on your company’s CO2 fit microsite. All registered companies receive access to our web platform with a CO2 fit microsite. Here, your employees* will find all information on activities in the areas of nutrition, sports, medical prevention and sustainability for viewing and selection. Information about the competitions, the CO2 balance, donation projects and tree planting can be viewed here. Just as in the app, coins can be exchanged for raffle tickets or vouchers in a rewards marketplace.

No, we make it easy for you and offer Changers CO2 fit as a “Software as a Service” platform. This means that you receive administration access for your company and, immediately after registering, you can set up your own BGM/CSR app according to your wishes and individualize the app with your company logo. Choose from a pool of activities from the areas of CSR and BGF. You do not need IT knowledge or cooperation from the IT department to start or operate the app.   

You can adapt the app with your own health-promoting and sustainable activities by copying and pasting images, texts or even videos into your Changers CO2 fit app in a matter of seconds. These will be available to your employees the next time they open the app. Selected donation projects and a tree planting partner are also already stored in the app with all the information. With just a few clicks, you can start your own fundraising run or tree planting challenge.

As an administrator, you can also log in to the app with your email address and the password you used to register on the platform. All the settings you have made, the activities and also rewards are visible to you here. From the start date you specify, you can then also record your own routes or activities or connect to a fitness tracker.

The amount of time you spend setting up depends on whether or how many of your own activities you include. Plan one to three days for the complete preparation. IT implementation is NOT necessary. Almost all areas of the app have been automated by us. That is, contests start and end fully automatically and winners* are notified in the app. Nevertheless, we advise you to plan one to two days per month for the running operation. Especially to inform your employees about contests, activities and prizes and thus ensure a high level of participation. Via our microsite, which we set up for you with the registration, you can follow live the status of participation in contests and also in the activities. 

The app is currently available in the following 12 languages: 

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Japanese 
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • Hungarian

The respective language is delivered automatically – depending on the language setting of the operating system on the smartphone. If the operating system is in a language that is not supported, the English version is automatically selected. Other languages are possible on request.

Playful team competitions / challenges

Yes, you can also start competitions / challenges where collected coins or kilograms of CO2 savings are scored. Then the other measures and activities can also be included in the ranking.

Set up challenges tutorial 

After you have received your access data, log in to your account at If this is your first login, you will be asked to make the basic settings for the CO2 fit app. This includes setting a start date and duration for your first challenge. Upon confirmation of the dates, our system will create two additional Challenges. The first will run from the day after your first Challenge ends until the end of the current month, and the second will run from the beginning of the upcoming month until it ends. If you do not change these challenge periods any further, our system will always automatically create a new challenge for you after the end of each monthly challenge. As soon as a challenge has passed the end date, the results will be communicated by mail and in the app. 

Once you have registered, you have until the start of the first challenge to make all the settings and inform your employees about the introduction of the CO2 fit app. Only then can the participants register in your Challenge.

After downloading the Changers CO2 fit app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, your employees will be asked if they have been invited to a challenge when they open the app. The system recognizes your employees by the email extensions you have stored for your company. For example,,, etc. You can store up to 50 email extensions in your account. 

If you would like to give employees the opportunity to participate in the challenges without a company email address, please enter a password in the administration. This should be short and uncomplicated, such as “YourCompanyName2021”. Anyone who knows the password can log into your company challenge.

Yes, your employees can change teams at any time. 

Assignment to a team is voluntary. If you do not select a team, you will automatically be included in the ranking of all participants in your company. All participants can view the team results in the app and on the microsite.

Yes, the app can of course also be used without challenges. To do this, create a challenge and set the defined period to “paused”. This means that all functions are available to your employees without challenges and rankings being displayed.

Capture routes

Tutorial: Capture routes 

The Changers C02 Fit app offers numerous options for recording activities. Your employees will find the appropriate settings under the menu item “More”.

With Apple Health enabled, steps are automatically recorded in the Changers CO2 fit app. Unfortunately, Apple Health does not measure bike rides by default. This is only possible if Apple Health is connected to a corresponding app, or a fitness tracking device. If this is the case, simply enable “Apple Health (cycling)”.

Those who use wearables such as fitness watches or wristbands that are not synced with the Apple Health app can connect them directly with the CO2 Fit app. Under the menu item “more” the currently possible devices are listed, just click on them and follow the instructions. 

The Changers CO2 Fit app, is capable of detecting bike rides even without a bike tracking device. Simply select the option “Cycling and all motorized routes” under the menu item “More” in “Fully automatic tracking”. This way, journeys by train, car or even plane are automatically recorded with a hit rate of 90%. If you want to be 100% sure, select the option not to save the detected activities immediately, but to have them confirmed beforehand. In this way, it is possible to correct incorrectly detected mobility types. With this option, all detected routes are suggested to the users as “undefined trips” and are only included in the ranking ranking after confirmation or change of the mobility type. 

If neither automatic tracking nor Apple Health or Google Fit is activated, each trip must be recorded manually via GPS start and stop. For this purpose, a corresponding “Record routes” widget appears on the home screen after deactivating the aforementioned options. 

With the help of MotionTag’s self-learning software, we offer fully automatic recording of all distances traveled and mobility types. Once switched on, the Changers CO2 fit app records all distances traveled and distinguishes them by mobility type. 

We offer to capture all mobility types or only the motorized ones. With this option, you can continue to use your fitness watches, trackers, and favorite apps like Strava or Endomondo without giving up the automatic capture of motorized travel. 

For steps and distance walked, we still need Apple Health or Google fit approval.

If all options for automatic route recording are switched off under “MORE”, you can record the distances traveled on foot and by bicycle via GPS under “Home” either by activating the mobility icons or the START / STOP icon. 

If you have activated automatic route recording, you will only find a list of all routes behind the mobility icons in order to avoid duplicate recording.

Integrate fitness tracker tutorial 

Fitness trackers like Garmin, Fitbit or Misfit can be connected to the Changers CO2 fit app via API. Simply open the Changers CO2 Fit app and go to the tracking settings via the menu item “more”. Select your device from the list provided. Now with still log in with your wearable provider’s account information to link your wearable.

If your wearable is not listed here, it is possible to connect it via Google fit or Apple Health. Go to the wearable provider’s app and connect the app to Google fit to sync the data. Then, in the tracking settings of the Changers CO2 fit app, enable Google Fit for running, jogging, and cycling.

All registered companies receive a Changers CO2 fit Challenge page, where employees can register and manually enter distances – even without a smartphone.

In order for the Changers CO2 fit app to measure your distances, it needs access to the phone’s location services. Access can be enabled in the smartphone’s settings. Another cause for the problem can be the power saving setting. To do this, change the setting in the power options. You can find detailed instructions in the following tutorials:

App Tutorial Allow access to location services in Android or Apple iOS 

App Tutorial Power Options in Android.

Offer BGF and CSR activities

We offer you a platform with a wide range of measures from the areas of:

  • Nutrition
  • Sport and exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Environmental protection
  • Occupational safety and
  • medical screening

You can use these measures, edit them, or replace them with your own. You can also integrate existing health partners or discover new providers with whom you may also want to plan more extensive activities, either on-site or digitally. 

Our tip: Remind people to participate with friendly “nudges”. All activities can be linked to push notifications. The time and frequency of the reminder can be set individually by your employees. 

A balanced diet is about as important for health and well-being as exercise. Motivate your employees in a playful way to drink enough water every day or to give up sweets for a day. All activities are provided with easy-to-understand information and illustrated with pictures or videos.

Changing recipe ideas motivate employees to cook for themselves. Together with our partner HelloFresh, we offer companies the opportunity to make the ready-portioned ingredients available to their employees at a subsidized price. If, for example, you get a cooking box voucher for 500 coins, cycling becomes even more fun. Please send your request for conditions to support (at)

Of course, you can also quickly and easily add your own healthy eating measures to your app with just a few clicks and incentivize participation with coins.

From July 2021, you can also offer your employees video tutorials with recipes for delicious vegan dishes. The respective CO2 savings of the dishes are displayed and can be booked into the user’s account.  

Our tip: Remind people to participate with friendly “nudges”. All activities can be linked to push notifications. The time and frequency of the reminder can be set individually by your employees. 

Among other things, your employees will find workout videos that were developed together with Pilates and yoga instructors and that are specially designed to meet the needs of employees with little time. Regardless of whether they are company-sponsored or privately motivated, you can reward the physical activity of your employees individually with coins.

You can also enter your company sports activities in this category. Name when and where the participants meet and who the contact person is. You can enter email addresses, telephone numbers or simply tips for participation.

Do you have your own fitness studio or a cooperation with a provider? Then you can also add these offers to the app. Perhaps your trainer would also like to create a training plan with instructions, pictures or a video? Everything can be stored here.

Our tip: Remind people to participate with friendly “nudges”. All activities can be linked to push notifications. The time and frequency of the reminder can be set individually by your employees.

Raise awareness among your employees for an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Motivate them to be mindful in their use of resources. Draw attention to the many opportunities at work and in everyday life to reduce energy and heat consumption and avoid waste and plastic. 

You can also promote attentive and fair cooperation in the office. This category contains a wide range of measures with helpful information texts in twelve languages. You can also add your own company-specific content here.

Our tip: Remind people to participate with friendly “nudges”. All activities can be linked to push notifications. The time and frequency of the reminder can be set individually by your employees.

Screening examinations are important for early detection and thus for the prevention of serious diseases. Diseases detected in time mean that important time for therapy is not wasted and possibly severe courses and complete failures are avoided. 

We provide information on the most important preventive care options and explain. Who is entitled to which preventive care at what age and what happens in the examination. Of course, you can communicate your own measures in the app, store the contact details of the contact persons and reward participation.

Our tip: If the examination takes place at your company, participation can also be clearly validated by scanning a QR code. For this purpose, a QR code is issued for the measure in the administration interface, which is scanned by participants on site after it has been carried out. This allows you, for example, to reward vein screening, blood donation or participation in a first aid course with the planting of trees. 

Stress management is burnout prevention. In the subcategory Mindfulness you will find meditations guided by our health partners, which in short sessions help your participants to find their own inner strength, breath and body awareness. Learn to stay calm even in difficult situations, to breathe deeply. 

If you want to go further in the area of mental health, you can also purchase vouchers for online therapy offers from our partner Selfapy and deposit them in the marketplace. Employees in need of counseling can buy them anonymously with their coins and find out on whether they would like to take advantage of the corresponding online therapy offers. This increases the likelihood that your employees will seek help from specialists when they need it. By the way, if you like what our health partners have to offer, you can also book them for seminars or workshops. Perhaps you would also like to have more digital offerings tailored specifically to your company? Just contact us or the health partner directly: support (at) 

Our tip: Remind people to participate with friendly “nudges”. All activities can be linked to push notifications. The time and frequency of the reminder can be set individually by your employees. 

Here you will find general information to raise your employees’ awareness of the issue of safety as well as specific rules of conduct, for example in road traffic. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and strikingly communicate your own measures tailored to your company with your own images and videos. 

Our tip: Remind people to participate with friendly “nudges”. All activities can be linked to push notifications. The time and frequency of the reminder can be set individually by your employees. 

Yes, you can confirm attendance in two ways:

  1. Users confirm the implementation of the measure by clicking on a check box. There is no verification. However, you can define the number of possible participations here.
  2. Users confirm participation by scanning a QR code. The QR code is generated by you in the administration interface and passed on to the seminar leader.   

Our tip: Communicate the bonus in the invitation. Why not award 200 coins for participating in the vein screening, just as much as it “costs” to plant a tree? And communicate the tree planting in the invitations. 

Yes, that is exactly the concept of the Changers CO2 fit app. We provide you with the technology and you can adapt it to your requirements as you wish and set your own activities. Integrate your local service providers into your digital BGM. Store the circuit training in your own gym with an appropriate description, pictures and maybe even a video. Or do you want to push the topic of occupational safety? Then store the activities created for this in the app with clearly defined instructions and reward participation in these topics with valuable coins.

Our tip: Give different people from your team access to the administration environment. This way, each area can take care of its own measures. 

As an admin, you decide which activities count in the challenge leaderboards. 

Scoring according to:

  • Kilometers of running and/or cycling
  • Kilogram CO2 savings
  • CO2 balances (savings and emissions)
  • Collected Coins 

In the same challenge period, all rankings evaluate according to the same units. If you want to count the number of kilometers run, for example, but also the number of coins collected, simply use the reporting function under the menu item “Communication”. Here all data is collected, for example also the number of collected Coins per team. In addition to the selected rating “kilometers run”, you can use this information to award another achievement, e.g. collected coins.

Assignment to a team is voluntary. If you do not select a team, you will still be automatically included in the ranking of all participants. 

The Coins in Changers

Coins are a sustainable currency in the Changers system. The currency is based on the effort to walk or bike one kilometer. This is the measure of one coin. For example, if employees use the bus or train, we reward them with 0.2 coins per kilometer for avoiding traffic jams, parking, air and noise pollution. You can also reward healthy activities with coins. Avoiding sugar and sweets or choosing a vegetarian meal in the canteen may be worth 3 or 5 Coins. Circuit training in your own gym, for example, could be rewarded with 10 to 20 Coins.

Coins in the Changers app:

Running 1 km = 1 Coin

Cycling 1 km = 1 Coin 

Bus and train in town 1 km = 0,2 Coins

You enter the number of Coins you need for each Reward you offer. Thus, you determine the value of a coin on the premium marketplace yourself according to your budget and goals.

Planting trees together

The concept of Changers is to combine health promotion and employee motivation with environmental protection and social issues. The participants are motivated in a playful way and have the good feeling that they are not only working for their own well-being and health, but also for climate protection and social projects.

Trees release oxygen into the air we breathe, provide shade and are important to our climate, helping to preserve our environment in the long term. They have multiple effects on wind speed, humidity, dust levels and native wildlife. The joint tree plantings with Changers also help raise awareness that it is our collective responsibility to do something about the consequences of global climate change. It’s a job that involves all of us. Every step that brings us closer to this goal becomes a positive community experience with Changers.

The coins are only used as a counting tool to trigger a planting or donation. The coins remain in the employee’s account and can be spent as additional motivation in the rewards marketplace.

All booking packages include free quotas for tree planting, depending on the participation levels. The first 100 trees are booked into the account when the payment data is deposited. As you reach each subsequent participation level, additional trees will be unlocked and posted to your account. In the “Premium” package, you receive one tree per employee. In the “Basic” package, there is one tree for every two employees. The trees can then be used by you in a tree planting project in the app and unlocked by employees for their services. The trees are planted by Wells for Zoe, an NGO in Africa, Malawi. Extensive information about the plantings can be found in the project and in the app.

As a company, you determine which performance is rewarded with how many tree plantings. Set the maximum number of trees that employees can unlock by reaching, for example, 100 km of running and cycling or 200 coins. 

Tree plantings that you set above the free quota will be invoiced by Changers with the respective VAT of your country shown. If your company is located in the EU and you deposit your Value Added Tax (VAT) ID number with your company details, you will receive your invoices without VAT. For companies from non-EU countries, there is generally no VAT. Unfortunately, we cannot issue you a donation receipt.

Of course, you can also work with your own tree planter. In this case, you use our tree planting counter in the same way, enter the maximum number of trees that can be unlocked and store further information for the employees, for example about who and where you would like to plant the trees. Of course, you will not receive any tree invoices from Changers.

Changers works with three planting partners:


I Plant A Tree plants trees according to ecological guidelines in various reforestation projects in Germany and documents them on the web at 

  1. wells for Zoe

Wells for Zoe (WfZ) is an Irish NGO founded by a former teacher and his wife. WfZ not only plants trees, but also provides clean drinking water in the villages of Malawi. In addition, WfZ promotes knowledge about the propagation of indigenous fruit trees and enables young women in particular to access school and education.

  1. plant for the planet

The foundation, founded in 2007 by then-student Felix Finkbeiner, plants trees on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. The aim is to counter climate change through education and tree planting.

  1. you plant with a partner of your choice

You can also work with a tree planter of your choice. Perhaps your local forestry office will also take care of the planting. In this case, you use our tree planting counter in the same way, specify the maximum number of trees you want to plant per year and deposit the information about who will plant the trees.

No, in both the fundraising projects and the tree planting projects, coins are only a counting tool to trigger a planting or donation. Coins remain in the employee*s account. Coins can only be spent in the Rewards Marketplace.

No, Changers cannot provide you with a donation receipt. If you need a donation receipt, we would like to ask you to handle the planting directly with the planting partner. In this case, you use our tree planting counter in the same way, indicate the maximum number of trees you want to plant and leave the information about where and who will plant the trees. Of course, you will not receive an invoice from Changers for the tree planting.

We plant all free tree contingents with Wells for Zoe. If you would like to plant trees in addition or instead, you can also work with another tree planter of your choice. Perhaps your local forestry office will take care of the planting? In this case, you can also use our tree planting counter, enter the maximum number of trees that can be planted and provide information about where and who will plant the trees.

The CO2 calculation is based on the average amount of carbon dioxide sequestered by a tree during its life cycle. For native trees, approximately 10 kg of CO2 per tree and year is calculated. Due to natural selection, however, not all trees survive in a reforestation, so that the value cannot be applied across the board to the entire stand. Therefore, we calculate an average of 200 kg CO2 that a tree binds from the atmosphere in the course of its life. You can also find more information at

The trees belong to the non-profit companies. Their goal is not to maximize profits, but to permanently sequester CO2 to reduce the impact of climate change. You can find out more about the work and successes of the organizations at, and

Become active together for a social project

We want to convey the team spirit to the participants, that they achieve more together. That one’s own achievements are important, are seen and honored, but that the greater whole arises from the cooperation and gives special pleasure.

In the administration you select a social project. You can define your own project, for example, renovation of the daycare center in your town, or you can use the projects suggested by Changers. 

No matter which donation project you choose, you always define a maximum amount and specify what the value of a coin or a kilometer covered on foot and by bike is.
Our recommendation: 15 collected Coins correspond to a 1€ donation.

Our donation counter shows participants how much they themselves have already contributed to reaching the donation goal and what the current donation total of all participants is. When the maximum donation amount is reached, we stop the donation counter and inform all participants via push notification. 

You can then raise the donation amount for the same social project again or start a new donation project.

The donation must be made by your company to the respective project. You will not receive an invoice or donation receipt from Changers.

No, in the donation projects as well as in the tree plantations, coins – as well as achieved kilometers – only serve to trigger a plantation or donation. The coins remain in the employee’s account. Coins can only be spent in the Rewards Marketplace.

Not via the donation counter. This always focuses on a donation target that is to be achieved together. However, you can define several donation projects as offers in the marketplace. The purchase of a “Voucher” then becomes for example a 10€ donation for the social project A and costs 500 Coins. If you deposit 100 vouchers, you define a maximum donation target of 1,000 €. You can define the same for further projects. You can describe the social projects in the marketplace accordingly.

Donations always come from your company and must be transferred to the fundraising project you choose.

The rewards marketplace

In the rewards marketplace, employees can exchange their coins for vouchers. Changers offers you vouchers from reward partners that you can use free of charge. These offer sustainable, climate-friendly, fair or healthy products and services with an exceptional discount for your employees’ Coins. Turn these offers on or off as you wish and add your own rewards such as a fitness plate in your canteen, a bike accessory or a team event if you wish. 

You specify: 

  • What is offered
  • How many coins a voucher costs
  • how often a voucher can be “bought
  • The number of vouchers per award 

For you as a company, there is always budget and planning security. No participant expects vouchers to be available to everyone at all times. A limit also promotes participation motivation. 

Changers offers you reward partners whose coupons you can use free of charge. The partners all offer sustainable, climate-friendly, fair or healthy products and services with an exceptional discount for your employees’ coins. Turn the offers on or off as you like and add your own rewards if you wish. 

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to providing your own rewards. How about a fitness plate in the canteen, for example? Or a bicycle helmet? Or a trial week at the gym around the corner? Here, too, you as the company determine how many coins the respective rewards are worth.

You can determine the number of rewards you want to make available to employees. You certainly don’t have to ensure that every participant receives a valuable bonus. Limiting offers also has a positive effect on motivation to participate.   

Once the number of rewards you set is awarded, the “sale” of vouchers stops automatically. You can also set restrictions on the allocation of vouchers. These regulate the maximum number of vouchers that an employee can exchange within a defined period. This way, you can always be sure that your budget is being adhered to.

The Coins can be exchanged in the app’s own rewards marketplace either for vouchers or for tickets to participate in raffles. If you tie fundraising projects or tree planting to reaching a certain number of Coins, they will not be deducted. In all charity projects, the coins merely represent a counting value that triggers a donation or tree planting.

No, Changers is built like a modular system. You can use everything, but you don’t have to. You can see in your admin account in the reports how the activities change when you link bonuses, raffles, donations or tree planting to the participation performance of the employees. Find the best way for your company to raise employee awareness about health and environmental issues.

The raffle of bonuses in the app

A great way to motivate your employees’ participation in the long term is to hold raffles. Participants buy raffle tickets with their coins. Those who make a lot can buy more raffle tickets and increase their chances of winning one of the coveted prizes themselves.


Yes, easily conduct individual raffles for your company. You define the conditions of the raffle yourself. You choose and provide the rewards yourself.

In the case of raffles, you decide:

  • the frequency with which you want to run a raffle, for example, every month or every other month, or perhaps you prefer to do it only once a year. That is entirely up to you.
  • the prices. Perhaps your company also produces something that your employees would like to have. Then simply enter your own products and services as prizes in the raffle. You can give away as many first, second, third, etc. prizes as you like. prizes. Maybe a fancy bicycle as the main prize and cinema vouchers as the 2nd-10th prize?
  • the cost. We recommend 50 coins for one lot.

The drawing of the winners is fully automated by Changers. For this purpose, you define the day of the drawing for each raffle. Our system finishes selling the tickets and draws the winners from all sold tickets. Each participant can only win one prize per drawing, regardless of the number of tickets purchased. This ensures that as many employees as possible have a chance to win one of the prizes.

Changers notifies all participants via push notification, with a prompt screen in the app and via email. The winners will also receive information on how to redeem their prize. All other participants receive a notification of who has won. Only the first names will be mentioned.

Raffle prizes must be provided by your company.

In The prizes for the raffles must be provided by your company.

The Changers CO2 fit licensing system

We accept credit card payment and Sepa direct debit within Germany. If you have any questions about the payment options, please contact us at support (et)

You will receive monthly invoices depending on the number of participants at the time of billing. If the number of participants has changed in the previous billing period and your account has been assigned to a different price level, we will bill you for the credit or additional payment with the next invoice. The billing period is rolling. So, for example, if you enroll on March 12, the next billing will be on April 12. 

If you decide to plant more trees than the free quota included in the booking, we will invoice you separately for the additional trees. If you create a tree planting project for this purpose, the respective costs will be displayed transparently.

Please note that you cannot receive donation receipts from us.

All our mentioned prices are net and do not include the legal value added tax of your country. We will charge you the respective sales tax according to your company’s registered office details. If you store your sales tax ID number (VAT) in your invoice details, you will receive invoices outside Germany without sales tax.

In communication: 

  • Use your internal communication options
  • Use our “Invite User” function to invite employees via email. You can find this in the menu item Communication
  • Publish the iFrame banner on your website. Show inside and outside what you do good.
  • Use the “invite colleagues” feature in the app. 
  • Raise awareness via posters in staff rooms, canteens, elevators, etc.
  • Send the posters as PDFs to print out yourself to department managers, branches, subsidiaries. 

In terms of content: 

  • Start a collaborative tree planting project. 
  • Leverage existing fundraising efforts in your organization that you associate with the Challenges.
  • Ally with HR, Recruitment, CSR, Climate Protection and Occupational Safety. You have common goals. Healthier and more engaged employees, less CO2, and better team building. 
  • Set common goals and communicate them in the app community feature. 
  • Use the rewards marketplace and existing Changers rewards partners. 
  • Post coupons for your own products (if possible)
  • Start an exciting raffle with attractive prizes related to cycling.

We support universities, cultural institutions, foundations and non-profit companies using the SaaS version with a 20% discount on monthly licenses. Please contact us at support (et)

This varies from company to company. In smaller companies, participation rates are higher than in large corporations. This is usually due to faster communication and the role model function of the management involved.

We have no contract terms. You can cancel your Challenges at any time in your account and you will no longer be a licensee. Please note that the cancellation will take effect immediately. You will lose access to your account on the same day. 

White label solutions and SDK integration have individually agreed notice periods of at least three months to the end of the agreed usage period.

Privacy at Changers

We developed Changers CO2 fit in consultation with HR and works councils along the requirements of the data protection departments of large companies in Germany. Our business model is based on licensing the software to companies and not on marketing user data to third parties. Our first goal is to protect your employees’ data, because their participation and thus their trust in us is the foundation of our business. We are constantly working to make this service even more transparent and better for your employees. For example, your employees can log into our system without a company email address using any private email address. They do not need a clear name and do not have to upload a picture. Employees do not have to be assigned to a team and can delete their account irrevocably at any time.

For example, if your employees want to exchange 100 coins for a fitness plate in your canteen, you as a company cannot see how these coins were earned. You as a company do not see any personal data of the users, but only cumulative values for the evaluation of your projects. However, these cumulative values are also displayed transparently for everyone on the Challenge page.

We host and process all data in Germany and all data transfers are encrypted. We offer a trustworthy and sustainable system with a community of companies, cities and trade, where as many people as possible decide to do something for their own health and for the health of our environment.

The Changers CO2 fit app can be installed on a company cell phone as well as on a private smartphone. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

An email address and password are required for registration. Employees are free to choose whether they want to use the company address or a private email. There are no special requirements for the latter, so you can register with an anonymous email address such as “”, for example. We also require a username, although this does not have to be the clear name. So a registration with the name “Kaktus” or a punctuation mark would be just as possible. All other information such as the upload of a profile photo or the assignment to a team are always voluntary and will not be validated by Changers. All information can of course be changed at any time afterwards. 

Tutorial: Logging in and onboarding

All data is located at the cloud server provider ASW Frankfurt. The servers are located in a high-security and high-performance data center in Frankfurt a.M. and are therefore subject to German regulations on data security and protection. In doing so, we only collect, store and process the data that we actually need to provide our services. 

Due to cloud operation, the data is not only located on one physical server, but is distributed on various systems in the data center. The data center is optimally secured by video surveillance and access controls by means of identification cards and a separation system. The protected underground location, early fire detection systems and emergency power from several diesel generators provide additional data security. 

We have entered into a contract with AWS with so-called standard contractual clauses, in which AWS commits to process user data only in accordance with our instructions and to comply with the EU data protection level. All processors that previously operated under the now invalid Privacy Shields agreement have now added the relevant European Commission-approved standard contractual clauses to the data processing terms and security provisions, which remain legally valid for transfers of data outside the EU, Switzerland, and the UK, according to the ruling. 

In November 2016, AWS became the first cloud service provider in Germany to achieve BSI C5 testing at the infrastructure level. In addition, AWS is SOC 1-3 certified and holds the following other certifications: ISO 9001 (global security standard), ISO 27001 (security management controls), ISO 27017 (cloud-specific controls), and ISO 27018 (personal data protection).

When you register your company on our platform, you automatically receive access to the administration environment. Under “Communication” you can access the “Evaluations” area. Here you can collect the following evaluations according to definable time periods and download them as CSV. 

In detail, these are:

  • Number of all participants
  • Total mobility report
  • Team results
  • Top 10 results
  • Top 3 users in the teams 
  • Participation in the measures
  • Coins earned 
  • Coins exchanged
  • Vouchers purchased
  • Bought lots
  • Winners of the raffle 
  • Report tree planting
  • Report donation projects


Yes, participants can also register without a smartphone and manually enter the distances traveled on your company’s CO2 fit microsite. All registered companies receive access to our web platform with a CO2 fit microsite. Here, your employees* will find all information on activities in the areas of nutrition, sports, medical prevention and sustainability for viewing and selection. Information about the competitions, the CO2 balance, donation projects and tree planting can be viewed here. Just as in the app, coins can be exchanged for raffle tickets or vouchers in a rewards marketplace.

The Changers CO2 fit app is available to your employees free of charge in the respective app stores for Apple iOS and Android for downloading to their smartphones. Changers CO2 fit does not require a connection to your IT system. In the case of secured company cell phones on which the use of apps is limited, your IT may have to approve the Changers CO2 fit app in the respective app store for download to your company devices.

Tutorial: Logging in and onboarding 

Tutorial: Capture routes

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