Make health care and climate protection fun!

Reward citizens, employees, and customers for choosing healthy and climate-protective actions. 

Win customers with a green loyalty program

Connect your customer loyalty with the playful competition for health and climate protection.

Promote health and employee motivation

Reduce absenteeism and strengthen your employer image. Gain healthier and engaged employees.

The app that gets you moving.

Motivate in team competitions to walk, cycle and to use public transit. Take part in sustainable measures and earn bonus points. Anyone who participates does not only good for themselves, but also for the environment.

CO2 tokenized economy home screen

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Getting started

Setting up Challenges, Teams and adding a Donation Project.

Healthy Activities

Check out all the content already in the app and set up your own healthy and environment friendly activities.


Learn more about our reward center and how to setup vouchers and raffles.

Doing good together.

Connect participation with local tree plantings or a donation project of your choice.

Ready, pedal, Go!

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All in one place. Healthy, smart and digital.

Encourage participation in healthy and environmentally protective measures. We provide you with a ready-made package of measures that you can expand according to your ideas. The individual categories are created interactively and can be supplemented with your texts, pictures and videos.

Build your own community.

Make an appointment to run, create posts, share pictures and links. Give stars and leave comments. Also point out new measures as an admin.


Inform, motivate and reward in 10 languages

More languages upon request

Encourage and retain participants.

Redeem bonus points in discount vouchers or participate in the raffle of valuable prizes. Our bonus system offers you endless possibilities to motivate your target group in many ways, to behave in a healthy and environmentally conscious way.

Nice to meet you.

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