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Rethinking motivation.
The Changers Fit app.

Occupational health and Climate protection
Occupational health and Climate protection
Occupational health and Climate protection

The Changers Fit App offers step, running, cycling, CO2, and themed challenges. Regardless of your ranking, participation is always a win. The challenges strengthen team spirit, improve the work environment, and promote awareness of health and climate protection.

How the Changers Fit App works

Changers Fit App is explained succinctly in just 10 minutes in this video presentation. Learn how the challenges work, how you can easily and quickly integrate your health offers into the app. How you can also link tree planting and donation projects to the achievements of your participants with just a few clicks. For motivated and healthy employees and a stronger team spirit in your company.

Companies using Changers Fit

Changers Kunden

Your app for healthier and more motivated employees.

occupational Health and climate protection
occupational Health and climate protection

Which team will earn the most health coins or cover the most kilometers by bike? Which department will save the most CO2? And who has planted the most trees? Changers Fit offers you a variety of options for exciting team competitions. Teams can be clearly defined, freely chosen, and provided with a minimum and maximum number of participants.

Steps and running challenges

Cycling Challenges

CO2 savings Challenges

Theme Challenges

Gamification for healthier and more engaged employees

Achieve more with gamification."
occupational Health and climate protection
Achieve more with gamification."
Achieve more with gamification."

The Changers Fit app addresses a problem in behavioral economics: knowledge alone doesn’t change habits. However, when knowledge brings a tangible benefit, it provides lasting motivation for more physical activity, mindfulness, and climate protection.

Top Brand

Changers Fit awarded as Health and CSR platform

Changers was recognized as an EUPD Top Brand Corporate Health from 2021 to 2024 and simultaneously received recognition from the Solar Impulse Foundation for efficient climate protection.


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