Motivate your employees to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle

Achieve more with gamification. Set up your own health platform today. 


Awarded in two worlds

Corporate Wellness and Climate protection


The app that gets you moving.

Motivate in team competitions to walk, cycle and to use public transit. Take part in sustainable measures and earn bonus points. Anyone who participates does not only good for themselves, but also for the environment.

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Learn to set up a CO2-challenge

Changers CO2 fit for cities

Setup vouchers and start raffles

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Doing good together.

Connect employee participation with common goals. Plant a forest of 1,000 trees or finance a social project. Our charity counter turns your employees kilometers and coins into a shared experience.

All in one place. Healthy, smart and digital.

Encourage participation in healthy and environmentally protective measures. We provide you with a ready-made package of measures that you can expand according to your ideas. The individual categories are created interactively and can be supplemented with your texts, pictures and videos.

Changers available in 12 languages.

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Encourage and retain participants.

Redeem bonus points in discount vouchers or participate in the raffle of valuable prizes. Our bonus system offers you endless possibilities to motivate your target group in many ways, to behave in a healthy and environmentally conscious way.

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