Start your own platform for health, safety and environmental protection.

The app that gets you moving.

Motivate your employees in a playful manner to participate in walking and cycling competitions. Let departments, locations or even countries take our friendly competitions in your challenges. Whoever cycles and walks the most, is not only doing something positive for themselves, but also for the environment.

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Getting started

Setting up Challenges, Teams and adding a Donation Project.

Healthy Activities

Check out all the content already in the app and set up your own healthy and environment friendly activities.


Learn more about our reward center and how to setup vouchers and raffles.

Doing good together.

Connect your corporate wellness program with an active contribution against climate change. Whoever cycles and walks the most, is not only doing something positive for themselves, but also for the environment. We connect these accomplishments with local tree planting projects or a charitable cause of your choosing.

Ready, pedal, Go!

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All in one place. Healthy, smart and digital.

Cover all relevant areas of your Corporate Wellness Management in the Changers CO2 fit app. Within the app we provide you with a complete package of activities. You can customize these anytime or add your own content, as well as image and video materials.

Make social interaction easy

Post pictures, links and news.
Give stars and make comments.
Announce seminars, events or new health measures.
Decide who can see your post.


Inform, motivate and reward in 10 languages

More languages upon request

Lotteries & vouchers.

Redeem bonus points for corporate benefits or buy lottery tickets in your own tombola. Our reward system offers endless possibilities to incentivise your employees in a number of ways to move more, be healthier and environmentally aware.

10 good reasons for the CO2 fit app

Healthy employees

1. Engaged and healthy employees

With the CO2 fit app good intentions become long-term, health-promoting habits, thereby increasing the performance of your employees and the productivity of your company.

Your key to digital Corporate Wellnesss

2. Your key to digital Corporate Wellnesss

Any corporate wellness measure you desire — whether it is sports, healthy nutrition or medical prevention — can be measured and rewarded with the CO2 fit app. Monthly evaluations give you a quick overview over the acceptance of your activities. The time-consuming management of stamp booklets or Excel sheets becomes a thing of the past.

Top employer branding

3. Top employer branding

We customize the app with your logo and set up individual team settings. Score with an authentic and green image in the war of talent.

Privacy first

4. Privacy first

Our services are GDPR conform. We work under strict German data protection laws and operate our data hosting in Germany. All your data is encrypted. Employees do neither have to use their real names nor their company email address for registering in the app.

Teambuilding and engagement

5. Teambuilding and engagement

Team competitions are fun, leads to a better cooperation, reinforces the team spirit and the individual self confidence.

Show environmental awareness

6. Show environmental awareness

Your employees are sensitized to the connection between their mobility and the effects it has on the climate. Make them proud of the measurable reduction of their CO2 footprint.

Doing good together

7. Doing good together

Combine the activities of the participants with planting trees or donating to a charity project of your choosing.

Reduce absenteeism

8. Reduce absenteeism

Corporate wellness programs are proven to reduce absences of participants between12% and 36% and reduce the related health costs up to 34%.

No IT-implementation needed

9. No IT-implementation needed

In order to start the program no extensive software installations nor the help of your IT department is needed. Your employees simply download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store onto their smartphones and can start using it.

Prepared communication material

10. Prepared communication material

Already prepared means of communication makes it easy to reach your employees and higher the participation rates. Participants can also invite other colleagues with prefabricated text elements.

Nice to meet you.

As soon as we have received your request we will get back to you with further information to prepare or set up your own CO2 fit app.