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How to avoid accidents by safely open the car door

Traffic safety is key!

It’s so easy and it can save lives! If you as a driver only open the car door with your right hand, you can save others and yourself a lot of suffering.

And who doesn’t know that as a driver. Quickly stopping at school or opening the door on the street while shopping and lost in thought or stressed out without looking out the window for cyclists passing by?

Learn the Dutch grip!

Only one thing helps and the Dutch show us again – opening the driver’s door with the right hand. So the whole upper body has to turn around and you inevitably look through the window to the rear and can react to the bike traffic.

This is important, because statistically 7% of all car collisions with cyclists are caused by the door opening. These accidents are particularly serious. 20% of cyclists seriously injured their heads and 40% their legs.

Anyone who has ever injured another person in road traffic knows that these injuries will haunt all participants, hence my request to all of you.

Watch the video. Just get in the habit of opening the door with your right hand. Make a sport of it. Use every exit to make yourself more agile and avoid playful accidents with cyclists who don’t have a metal jacket around them.

This activity can be activated in the work security area in the Changers app and there are bonus points for logging in. We cannot be reminded enough of it. Thanks to the dear Dutch, there is a reason why you are a cycling nation.

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