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List of tips on how to enjoy Autumn!

How to enjoy the new season

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is turning into fall and brings cooler weather, colourful leaves and shorter days with it. We have some suggestions, how to fully enjoy this season:

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Be mindful

Instead of lamenting summer, consciously prepare for the changing season. Pull your favourite pullovers and waistcoats out of your closet. Pay attention to the trees on your daily routes and observe how they change colours. Feel the wind, how it tousles your hair.

More time inside also means: more time for delayed projects. Now you can clean up the garage or fix that shelf. Make your home comfy, you will probably spend more time here. You can finally read this book, that has been waiting for you for weeks. Or maybe you find the motivation to make your own yogurt or sauerkraut. Now is a good time to turn inward. Writing a journal or meditating are good methods, to become conscious of your own thoughts and wishes. How has this year been so far? What do you want to do? Are you happy with your life or do you want to change anything? Self-reflection is an important tool of mental hygiene and a first step toward a more conscious life.

Get outside, still

Drizzling rain and a cool wind are no reason to completely melt into your sofa cushions. With the right clothing, proper fall weather is still so much fun! Thanks to rain gear you can comfortably bike to work or to buy groceries. Of course, it is also great for taking a walk. Jogging and walking are even more pleasant in cooler weather than the heat. Try to at least spend 30 min. outside every day, the fresh air, movement, and daylight will do you good! Your mood and your immune system will be grateful.

Warmth from the inside and outside

If you drank water all summer, this is a good time to say ‘hi’ to your good, old kettle. Whats better than warming your cold limbs with a hot tea or infusion? Especially ginger, cinnamon, clove and similar spices will warm you to the little toe. Herb infusions with mint, sage, and chamomile are great alkaline drinks that contribute to acid-base balance. For cooking, you can also use curry mixtures, chili, garlic, and pepper to heat you up. If you have difficulties to start your day, try a warm breakfast: A delicious porridge with grated apple, roasted almonds and cinnamon or an omelette with vegetables will give you warmth and energy in the morning. Also main meals get some more variety. In many regions beets, squash, carrots, chestnuts, apples, and cabbages are ripe. Find out what is in season in your area! Root vegetables and squash are great for stews and roasted vegetables.

Even if the seasonal change can be somewhat wistful, it also offers new opportunities and chances. Make the best of it. And at least we know: Next year will surely bring another summer!

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