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Tree planting for health prevention and climate protection

Gesundheitsförderung und Klimaschutz

The Changers Fit app uses various motivational elements to encourage your employees to adopt healthy behaviors. The tree plantings are particularly popular with users. What many people don’t know is that there is a free tree quota at the start. The number of trees is adjusted according to the number of employees. Those who use the app not only collect coins, but also unlock additional tree plantings through their achievements. The planted trees appear in a motivating animation and are also planted in real life.

We offer fixed tree planting partners for this purpose. Of course, there is also the option to involve local partners yourself. We work with the verified partners “Wells for Zoe”, known to some as tree planting partners of the green search engine Ecosia.

Trees for a better life

Our long-standing cooperation partner is the Irish NGO “Wells for Zoë“. Together with the villagers, they plant trees and build wells in remote areas of Malawi. The trees benefit the inhabitants in many ways. Not only do they reduce CO2. The fruit-bearing native trees also contribute to nutrition.

Each tree is part of a quiet revolution. The once vast forests were gradually eaten up almost completely by industry and firewood use. The roads became longer and longer. Many girls and women of Malawi therefore spend almost the whole day carrying water and firewood to the village. An incredible waste of labor and talent. “Wells for Zoë” has made it its mission to make life better for the people of Malawi and to contribute to climate protection.

Making clean drinking water accessible

Wells for Zoë” initially focused on providing the rural population in northern Malawi with access to clean drinking water. In Mzuzu, the capital of Malawi’s northern region, the simple and robust plastic hand pump is manufactured and can be maintained by the villagers themselves.

One pump can provide clean drinking water to up to 500 people. When a pump is installed in the village, people are healthier, girls have time to go back to school, and women can use their labor to do important and sustainable things, like plant trees. And this is where the circle closes. Because these trees are financed, for example, by using the Changers Fit app.

Health promotion and climate protection

In this way, every tree planted with the app becomes a testimony that one’s own performance makes the world a little better. And that motivates. After all, what could be better than the good feeling of actively contributing to making the world a little greener and better!

More info about Wells for Zoe HERE

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